Semi-trailer/trailer servies


  1. Apply to transport longer larger parts, miscellaneous pieces of cargo, large components and equipment.


  1. Innovative design, tailored to local transport environment analysis on the basis of full understanding of, learn from the advanced design concept, many innovative.


  1. Advanced means of production technology and perfect testing equipment to protect the the product overall structure is reasonable, reliable performance.


  1. Frame body Q345B high strength structure steel, automatic submerged arc welding throughout beams, and other cross-section main stringers structure for optimum carrying effect.


  1. Well-known brand axles, suspension systems, high performance, and reliable to use, to ensure the good performance of the vehicle.


  1. Full braking and electrical systems at home and abroad in accordance with ISO standard, optional ABS system, braking, lighting is absolutely safe and reliable.


  1. Frame overall spray primer treatment, paint spraying fine surface quality of maritime anti-corrosion standards.


  1. Products fully comply with relevant national standard GB1589, GB/T6420, at the same time to meet the individual needs of customers.
  2. We can be design the special model according to your requirement.