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Basic Configurations and Technical Parameters of HOWO CNG Tractor (4×2, EU Ⅲ, Extended Cab)

Model of Representative Vehicle ZZ4187M3817C1C/L9WA ZZ4187M3817C1C/M9WA
Cab Model HW76
Type Extended cab, single berth, up-down, front-rear adjustable steering wheel, VDO instrument and control module, double-locking safety belt, outer sun shade
Engine Model WT615.92 WT615.93
Rated Power kW/rpm 196/2200 213/2200
Max. Torque Nm/rpm 1100/1100-1600 1160/1200-1600
Discharge L 9.726
Type In-line, six cylinders, four valves, supercharging intercooling, lean burn, spark-plug ignition, E-control pressure regulating gas system.
Clutch Φ430 diaphragm spring clutch, hydraulic control, air booster; WT615.95 standard configuration 430B, WT615.92/WT615.93/WT615.94 standard configuration 430C
Transmission Sinotruk HW series HW13710 transmission, 10 forward gears; a primary gearbox + a secondary gearbox; primary gearbox: double countershafts; secondary gearbox: planetary reduction.
Front Axle HF7, rated load 7T, disc-type or drum-type
Drive Axle HW1249 single reduction, speed ratio: standard configuration 3.91, optional configuration 4.875/4.3
Suspension Front/rear suspensions: plate spring + damper + lateral stabilizer
Steering System ZF8098 steering gear, ZF steering pump, system pressure 18MPa
Braking System Service brake: dual-circuit air brake; parking brake: energy storage spring air-break brake; auxiliary brake: EVB + engine exhaust brake, optional configuration ABS and automatic slack adjuster.
Electric System Single wire system, minus earth; voltage: 24V; dynamo:1540W; starter: 7.5kW; storage battery: 2×12V/165Ah.
Tyre 12.00-20; optional11.00-20
Gas Cylinder Volume L Behind the cab 4×120L, beside the frame 4×80L
Curb Weight kg 7170 7170
Gross Mass kg 18000 18000
Max. Towed Mass kg 31500 34700
Allowable Load of Saddle kg 10700 10700
Dimensions (L*W*H) mm 6300×2496×2958 6300×2496×2958
Wheel Base mm 3800 3800
Front Overhang/Rear Overhang mm 1500/1000 1500/1000
Wheel Track (Front/Rear) mm 2022/ 1850 2022/ 1850
Min. Ground Clearance (under rear axle) mm 263 263
Approach Angle/Departure Angle ° 16/42 16/42
Max. Speed km/h 102 102
Max. Climbing Capacity % ≥40 ≥40
Min. Turning Diameter m 15 15
Ground Clearance of Saddle Joint (Empty/Full) mm 1398/1298 1398/1298
Front/Rear Turning Radius mm 1965/1700 1965/1700
Traction Pin Size 50#(2inches) 50#(2inches)
Remarks Optional ST16 drive axle, speed ratio 4.8/5.73

– China Heavy Truck D12 series engine – China’s most fuel-efficient heavy truck engines
Power range 290-540Ps, good maneuverability. Large displacement, high power, wide speed range, the machine to obtain a constant power and maximum torque value. Overhaul mileage at more than one million kilometers.
– Front axle (front axle) is divided into 7 tons and 9 tons into two categories:
– The new 7 tons front axle road vehicles is dedicated front axle, steering stability and flexible, reduced weight, increased reliability.
–9 Tons front axle carrier has the highest resistance, the same weight as the original HOWO front axle, maneuverability and reliability has reached the best condition.
China’s heavy truck new 7 tons and 9 tons front axle disc brakes are standard.

– Mature and reliable drive axle. HW12,16 series of single, double bridge is a single-reduction rear axle, durable. HW16 ratio 3.73,4.22; HW12 ratio 3.91,4.875,5.833
HC16, ST16 wheel deceleration bridge. HC16 cast axle housing for construction vehicles, ratio 4.42,4.8,5.73
ST16 stamping axle housing can be used for road vehicles, ratio 3.93,4.42,4.8,5.11,5.73

– Heavy truck disc brakes
Disc brakes are standard in the world of high-end heavy truck configuration. Disc brake drum brake with respect to high-speed, heavy load and high temperature brake efficiency is good; more stable braking comfort; good heat dissipation, easier to replace the brake pads and other advantages. Compact, light weight, brake adjustment, short braking distance, braking efficiency prominent. Effectively reduce the tire. At the same time braking torque output stability, braking stability, an effective solution to the brakes and brake Rocker deviation phenomenon. Life is much higher than drum brakes.

– Pull-type diaphragm spring clutch. German imports of raw materials and new diaphragm spring friction plate member. Driven disc torsional damper with large torsion angle, small torsional stiffness design, processing hub using advanced laser technology. With over 300 million times life test and demanding road test, the international advanced level.

– Cab Exterior
– Vehicle paint life, cleanliness, brightness, corrosion resistance and adhesion, etc. have reached or exceeded the international level.
– Large windshield with a broader perspective; a combination of mirrors, the main mirror and wide-angle mirrors have electric adjustment and electric heating. Low drag coefficient of 0.57, greatly reducing vehicle fuel consumption.
– With a new design of modular headlight assembly, the high beam, low beam lights, position lights, auxiliary high beams, fog lamps together as one for driving at night provided a good observation and vision. Headlamp dimming rear headlight bulb replacement carried dimming mechanism adopts link design, more accurate and convenient.
– Ignition locks, door locks, fuel tank lock three lock-in-one.
– Standard 400 l aluminum fuel tank. Also optional 600 l aluminum oversized fuel tank. Unilateral large fuel tank 600 liters (with a combination of pedal) comes standard with its new high-strength lightweight materials in recent years, the international heavy truck, tractor can have more than 1,500 km super endurance.

– Cab interior
1. The interior of the cab environment more cozy. Overall wrap-around instrument panel, all manipulation of key rational distribution, at your fingertips.
2. cab body with a high floor (ie, low hood) high roof, high floor longer, low-floor high roof, low floor longer, five kinds of low-floor standard with four airbags air suspension, excellent work to meet customer operations conditions on comfort requirements.
3. electric windows, electric mirrors and heated, three lock-in-one. International top brands of air conditioning, ventilation system, side sun visor, electric turning device, wide-angle adjustable steering wheel, large storage space and cigarette lighter, cup holder, external power jack as the customers car-like feel.
4. luxurious air suspension driver’s seat with electric heating, seat belts, seat armrest, allows the driver to feel at home.
5. multiple high-capacity storage space, can be easily applied between the hands.
6. The spacious interior: cab floor height difference between the high hood and the floor is only 17 cm, creating a space equivalent to the height, easy to pass.
7. The sub-seat luxury and basic, robust and multi-angle front and rear seat cushion can be adjusted. Luxury is equipped with air cushioning and the seat cushion heating function, lumbar support and backrest side support, with armrests.

8. CD player with USB interface, selected international brands SIEMENS-VDO products, sound effects like sounds of nature.
9. The heating and air passages lead directly to the sides of the door, defrosting, defogging quickly and efficiently.
10. The pedal locking the steering wheel can be full-height according to the driver’s habits and body manipulation, angle adjustment.
11. The new multifunction steering wheel equipped with an electronic-control buttons to control the audio system and GSM phones.
12. The electronically controlled automatic air-conditioning, heater air conditioning integrated design individually; domestic initiative, the unique design of the ventilation system, excellent air circulation performance, effective dust, odor in the cab closed state, still can keep the air clean; warm and cold air passages lead directly to the sides of the door, defrosting, defogging quickly and efficiently.
13. They can rest while the upper and lower berth. Under sleeper it can be split into two seats and a small table, such as the creation of a living family life. Sleeper unique, sleeper widening the bottom band opened style boarding ladder.
14. Table board the vehicle condition information through high-brightness LED display, the indicator reached 34 the total number of such instrument lighting work instructions and more bright eye-catching. Dual CAN bus communication technology, two independent CAN interfaces can directly read the digital bus information and sensor input signals directly.
15. The central electrical junction box.

– Frame assembly
Frame rails using the replacement level of new high-strength materials, the tensile strength of more than 820Mpa. Single stringer, wing width 300 × 90 × 8,90mm make greater torsional bending the frame strength, chassis performance is more stable, better than the original frame carrying capacity while reducing vehicle weight of about 100 kg.
– Electric cab lift system, reduce labor intensity, easy vehicle maintenance.

With many years export experience, depending on the quantity and mode of transport, Sinotruk will provide the best packaging proposal to you . We take appropriate precautions to facilitate lifting and maritime transport.
SKD in Container shipping:

SKD in Container shipping



Bulk shipping:

Bulk shipping

We’ll mark before transport lifting points, and prepare the mat to avoid lifting slight wear generated.
Before delivery, the trailers will be full spray wax to prevent the erosion of seawater maritime transport.
RO-RO Shipping:

RO-RO Shipping

Your CIF price requirement are welcome at any time.We have long time cooperate freight forwarders quote the timely freight charge for your reference.
Delivery time:
15~25 work days since the deposit payment or L/C be received.

How to choose the truck?
The majority of users in the purchase of the heavy truck, it must take into account five areas:
1. Operating environment
2. Truck deployment plan
3. Running performance
4. Fuel consumption,User-friendly and safety performance
5. Overall and other internal and external appearance.
Buy cheap and safe, durable and heavy-duty trucks,the purpose is nothing more than economic efficiency of enterprises and ensure safe transport, improve productivity. Therefore any trucking business owners will invariably take into account the expansion of the trucks carrying goods, reduce vehicle maintenance costs, allow the vehicle to maximize efficiency; and fuel-saving truck is often the choice of a truck during the choice.

● original price and the life-cycle costs
The primary consideration indicators are operational life cost of the vehicle itself, rather than the heavy truck original price, that at least the price of different types of trucks.
It is worth noting that the height, in the purchase of the truck when, do not blindly seek cheaper goods; must reduce direct and indirect costs are optional heavy truck inevitable in the life of the whole process to a minimum.
● direct costs and indirect costs
Direct and indirect costs of heavy-duty truck operations inevitably occur, which is a big problem the user can not be ignored.
Direct costs, is divided into the purchase price, the devaluation / resale value cost, management cost accounting / insurance, road usage surcharge, loan interest, fuel costs, tire costs and maintenance costs, etc;
Indirect costs, including truck drivers deposit the amount of preparation costs, brand image costs, maximize loading costs, security costs, environmental costs and opportunity costs, and so on.
● Truck purchase program
-The first step, planning the deployment of heavy trucks and trucks operating environment. Before the purchase, we must first ask why they buy a new truck? Choice of what type and size of the new truck? New truck in what country, what region, what location, what roads, what transportation legislation and restrictions under operational? there are hands-on option to buy new trucks must be considered before other issues, such as what is generally carried cargo, bulk cargo, ore, chemicals or liquid cargo and hazardous materials need to carry the load and how much the bucket volume truck? trucks need reinforcement lashing rain shelter and additional equipment.
In mature think after full consideration the above conditions, may wish to consider the standard maintenance fee must be paid, the vehicle flipped static force limit, road transport vehicles and comprehensive normative regulations, the number of axles of the vehicle, the bucket load volume and the like. In addition, vehicle durability and other factors are likely to be negligent, but it will have a direct impact on the operational effectiveness of the truck.

-The second step, to consider the specific performance of heavy trucks, such as truck model, width, height, car production materials manufacturers, the use of record sales, warranty return rate, engine type, performance, power, and manufacturers, among others. Must bear in mind, in overall vehicle for trucking companies or owners of the business success of a huge impact.
Once you determine how many trucks, how many trucks transport routes and road transport operators market share, then in accordance with laws and regulations and the universal law of the road transport market and other factors, what to buy and accurate performance and specifications of the truck will be referred to your agenda on. Your eyes do not be truck dazzling appearance and luxurious interior of the transfer, special attention must be heavy-duty truck engine power, torque or force specifications, gear box, the main transmission ratio, wheels and tires and so on.
All in all, the first thing you should seriously consider the truck must have enough engine power driving performance loaded with cargo, as well as vehicle brake technology, as well as the cooling system, exhaust system, air conditioning system, transmission equipment and other parts whether superior specifications are in place , musts.
Because in addition to ensure the normal and safe driving the vehicle, the above-mentioned critical components of advanced vehicle performance brake system of the vehicle can significantly reduce engine wear, increase the security and stability of performance vehicles. Car buyers should not forget that at any time, completing tasks at the same rated trucking, truck and truck engine fuel consumption at low operating costs as much as possible to maintain the level, so that it can maximize operational efficiency to improve the truck.

-The third step, must be considered heavy truck fuel consumption. Under normal circumstances, the cost of fuel consumption corresponds to l1% of heavy truck transport fuel consumption, along with the current high and volatile oil prices, fuel costs in heavy truck transportation costs of expanding the share has reached or exceeded 30%. Thus reducing fuel consumption and truck engine control has been a trucking company owner and you have to consider the daily agenda, and in the purchase of a new car when outset attached great importance to the heavy truck engine fuel consumption is normal, can apparently play a multiplier effect:
① engine type and power; do not forget that, under normal circumstances, every car engine by ~ N5Ps, its engine, fuel consumption increased by 2%;
② aerodynamic heavy truck wind deflector installed must be effective to reduce the aerodynamic rear traction effect; and truck power unit interval must be very compact; because these two important factors that can reduce truck fuel consumption by 6% to 20%, can not be underestimated its saving economies of scale;
③ heavy truck road speed limit and cruise control must have a fuel-efficient vehicle characteristics;
④ must understand the advantages of fuel-saving features have semi-automatic or fully automatic heavy truck transmission of more than heavy truck manual transmission.

-The fourth step is to fully grasp the operational performance of heavy trucks efficacy point, as an important basis for the purchase of new trucks.
When 1450 revolutions per minute, per hour 1 00km, when the same 100kin trucks per hour, but the 1600 truck engine revolutions per minute compared ① heavy truck engine speed, low fuel consumption by about 4%.
② heavy truck idling the engine continues to allow the parking trucking industry is a common phenomenon, but it must be seen that the engine idling truck fuel truck operators increased fuel consumption per hour of 20% to 30%; and truck cab fan and air conditioning equipment whether you need will be allowed to turn axle, truck engines will increase fuel consumption by 10%; the best way is to install electronic automatic temperature control switch, the cabin temperature reaches a certain height will automatically turn off fans and air conditioning equipment.
③ on the highway at high speed heavy truck requires about half the energy used to eliminate or overcome the aerodynamic rear truck pull effect, if the aerodynamic wind deflector effective performance trucks, as long as the 25% reduction in aerodynamic truck pull after effect, truck engine fuel consumption can be reduced by 10% to 15%; if blindly trying to pull the truck aerodynamic effect of reducing NS0%, it must be considered sufficient to ensure that the engine cooling system fully functional in place.
④ If you find behind heavy truck windshield dead insects, indicating the presence of air line issue the truck.

-The fifth step, at the time of purchase, the parties must be from the perspective of the relevant laws and regulations, carefully consider humane conditions of safety for heavy trucks, which includes labor and occupational safety and health conditions related to the performance of heavy trucks, such as heavy truck cab windscreen vision, on both sides of the mirror, steering wheel, clutch, lights, lights and regulatory requirements of the various equipment and facilities must meet safety and reliability standards; driver’s seat, seat belts, airbags and vehicle towing attachments must be safe to use. Vehicle collision avoidance system and driver fatigue warning system must be improved, and speed brakes must be qualified, mechanical noise inside and outside the cab line with international standards, and related mechanical parts of acceptable quality, with replacement warranty certificate and so on;

-The sixth step, take full account of the heavy truck maintenance conditions and vehicle safe and stable operational performance, do not forget the cost of repair and maintenance of heavy trucks was equivalent to about 5% ~ l0% of the vehicle total cost of ownership, especially continue to extend in the heavy truck use of or when bad road conditions in the rugged operations, vehicle maintenance costs will rise linearly, lack of maintenance or repair once the vehicle is not in place, the vehicle broke down and traffic accidents inevitably followed.
Therefore, in the purchase of new heavy trucks when not ignore including heavy truck engine wear-prone mechanical systems, lubrication systems, tires, bearings, transmission parts and maintenance conditions. So before you buy to make sure the tire operating condition system components, lubrication and transmission and other necessary tests.

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