Low Prices

Sino Trucks & Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the important suppliers of Sinotruk and Shacman,which provides guarantees for reasonable price and good quality. Meanwhile, other products are procured from our long time business partners, we also can be sure to provide competitive prices.
QQ截图20160517174615High return on investment: the truck represents a premium in value for money analysis when compared to any other truck in its category. Placed side-by-side with any European and American truck, Sinotruk products have the lowest life time cost from acquisition cost to maintenance cost.
Increased productivity and higher revenue generation: the extremely low maintenance cost of Sinotruk products makes it easy to keep on the road compared to other trucks resulting in higher productivity and increased earning capacity.
Ease of maintenance: the truck is very easy to maintain given its simplified technology. This is very important in view of the low skill level of mechanics. Basic training for local mechanics is sufficient for them to do preventive maintenance that would ensure that the trucks are continually on the road with minimal downtime.