Why Buy From Us?

Technical adequacy for our environment: Sinotruk products produced for the Word environment come with a mechanical Euro II engine and gearbox with minimal electronic inputs. Also, the truck is built on a new truck standard aimed at world advanced heavy duty design and manufacturing technology. It is a leading truck in vehicle appearance, safety, comfort, ergonomics, and creates new driving experience on heavy duty truck.

High safety design: Sinotruk heavy duty truck provides complete protection to the driver and passengers with restricted self safety requirement. The body adopts integral steel frame structure welded by fully automatic robot. It is equipped with front under-protection device (FUPD and transverse cab stabilization device which are the first in China, and it adopts the widest curved surface of front windscreen in China, which embodies the design idea of safety first.

High efficient and comfortable ergonomic space: The interior trimmings and configurations of Sinotruk heavy duty trucks are arranged perfectly with good consideration. Sinotruk builds a pleasurable driving environment by adopting comfort and ergonomic design in conformity with international design. This makes the truck a true movable “home” and a decent “office”.

High return on investment: the truck represents a premium in value for money analysis when compared to any other truck in its category. Placed side-by-side with any European and American truck, Sinotruk products have the lowest life time cost from acquisition cost to maintenance cost.

Increased productivity and higher revenue generation: the extremely low maintenance cost of Sinotruk products makes it easy to keep on the road compared to other trucks resulting in higher productivity and increased earning capacity.

Ease of maintenance: the truck is very easy to maintain given its simplified technology. This is very important in view of the low skill level of mechanics in Nigeria. Basic training for local mechanics is sufficient for them to do preventive maintenance that would ensure that the trucks are continually on the road with minimal downtime.

After sale service: we understand that without a qualitative after sale service the transaction will fail. It is against this background that we ensure that we stock quality spare parts and well experienced mechanics to service our customers. Because of the significance we place on after sale service we have also entered into a partnership for after sale service with Truck Masters Limited. Truck Master were the former managers of  Africa who were franchise holders for sinotruk trucks and buses. Aside this, we also have a robust stock of spare parts at our locations at all parts of Africa.

Warranty: Sinotruk products come with Manufacturer Warranty. The Warranty for tractor is 12 calendar months or 100,000km, whichever comes first from date of shipping. While Warranty for semi-trailer, tipper and other special vehicle is six calendar months or 60,000 km, whichever comes first from date of shipping.