China Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CNHTC), formerly known as Jinan Automobile Manufacturing Plant, was founded in 1956 as the cradle of China’s heavy-duty automobile industry. In 1960, China’s first heavy-duty truck was manufactured – Yellow River brand jn150 eight tons of trucks, the end of China can not produce heavy-duty vehicles history. May 4 that year, Chairman Mao Zedong inspected Jinan, visited the sample car and spoke highly of it. Chairman Zhu De personally autographed the words of the Yellow River. In the initial stage of building socialism, the Yellow River car enjoyed a good reputation throughout the country and made a significant contribution to the development of the national economy and national defense. It has become one of the landmark achievements of the Chinese nation’s self-reliance and arduous struggle. In 1976, it successfully developed China’s first 8×8 independent Suspension of heavy off-road vehicles – the Yellow River jn252, to fill the gaps in China’s heavy military off-road vehicles, in the two bullets and a star of great works established meritorious deeds, made outstanding contributions to national defense construction; in 1983, Comrade Deng Xiaoping personally Concerned about the success of the introduction of the Austrian Steyr heavy-car project, is the first company to fully introduce foreign heavy-duty vehicle manufacturing technology enterprises in 2001 after the reform and reorganization of China National Heavy Duty Truck was formally established, after more than 10 years of development, Has become a well-known domestic and foreign heavy truck R & D and manufacturing enterprise group; 2007 China National Heavy Duty Truck listed on the Hong Kong Main Board red chips, initially built an international platform; 2009 successfully achieved strategic cooperation with the German Man company, Man company shares China Heavy 1 (Hong Kong) Limited 25 shares, China National Heavy Duty Truck introduced the company d08, d20, d 26 three types of engine, medium truck, heavy truck axle and the corresponding vehicle technology, laying a solid foundation for the long-term development of enterprises. At present, CNHTC has become China’s largest heavy-duty automobile production base and made outstanding contributions to the development of China’s heavy-duty automobile industry and the national economic construction. Since the reform and reorganization, CNHTC has always adhered to independent innovation and vigorously implemented the technology leadership strategy to build its core competitiveness with independent intellectual property rights. It has granted a total of 3462 authorized patents, of which 240 were national invention patents, setting technical standards for the country and industry 62, becoming the most heavily domestic heavy truck industry enterprises. China National Heavy Duty Truck Technology Development Center is the first batch of national-level enterprise technology center, with China National Accreditation Board for Laboratory accreditation testing laboratories, with vehicle, engine, parts, automotive electronics, materials technology, such as a full range of R & D and Testing capabilities, with all kinds of processing, testing, testing contour, precision, sharp equipment, engines, vehicles, parts vibration, strength testing and other equipment have reached the world advanced level. In 2009, with the approval of the state, the National Center for Heavy Duty Engineering and Research Center of Heavy Duty Vehicles was formally inaugurated in China National Heavy Duty Truck and undertakes the functions of R & D, application demonstration, product promotion and technical service of heavy-duty automobile industry in China. On August 16, 2015, China National Heavy Duty Truck Technology Park officially opened. The Technology Building is the core building of China National Heavy Duty Truck Technology Center Park. The overall shape is springing up. This symbolizes the vigorous development of CNHTC and marks China The development of heavy truck opened a new chapter. At present, CNHTC has formed a heavy truck-led industrial pattern that covers a full range of commercial vehicles such as medium-sized trucks, light trucks, buses and special vehicles. The two listed companies are CNHTC (Hong Kong) Ltd. (Hong Kong Red Chip Company), China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Jinan Truck Co., Ltd. (a Shenzhen-listed company) holding 53 secondary-level enterprises with production bases in 12 cities all over the country. Its products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions. The main business organizations to develop, produce and sell all kinds of trucks, special vehicles, buses and special vehicles and engines, transmissions, axles and other assembly and auto parts. The main vehicle manufacturers are Jinan Truck Co., Ltd., Jinan Commercial Vehicle Company, Special Vehicle Company, Jining Commercial Vehicle Company, Light Truck Division, the trump card company in Chengdu. The engine has Jinan Power Department and Hangzhou Engine Company. The axle has Jinan Bridge Box Company, gearbox has Jinan Transmission Department, Datong Gear Company, with a total of Shantui Card, HOWO, Steyr, Hao Han, ace, Fukui and other full range of commercial vehicle brands, enterprises have more than 3800 models, is our heavy truck Industry-driven form and power of the most complete coverage of heavy truck business. China’s heavy truck manufactured domestically leading, superior performance mt13 gas engine, the international advanced level mc05, mc07, mc09, mc11, mc13 engine, power coverage 140-560 horsepower; world-class series of single stage reduction bridge, the wheel edge Deceleration bridge and 16.5-22.5-inch disc brakes; series of single-countershaft with synchronizer transmission, dual countershaft transmission, 10,12,16-speed manual hand-one amt transmission and other important components, constitute the world’s advanced level of engine , Clutch, transmission, drive axle composed of gold power industry chain. Since the reform and reorganization, the enterprises have invested more than 26 billion yuan in total, implemented more than 1,600 technical renovation projects, and built and renovated more than 3 million square meters of factory buildings. CNHTC also owns 14 domestic first-class automobile assembly lines with international advanced level, 6 engine production lines, 2 gearbox production lines and 9 axle production lines, all of which are at the forefront of the industry. Sinotruk has always adhered to the strategy of internationalization. From simple car sales to establishment of sales and service network, to local assembly and production capacity cooperation, it has truly purchased, designed and sold overseas and built China’s own internationally renowned heavy-duty automobile brand. After years of unremitting efforts, up to now, CNHTC has established 72 overseas representative offices and offices around the world, developed 263 distributors, 253 service outlets and 228 accessory outlets in over 90 countries, 17 parts centers have been established in the country or region and 15 overseas kd production plants have been established in 8 countries and regions so as to form a large number of developing countries and major emerging economies that basically cover Africa, the Middle East, Central and South America, Central Asia, Russia and Southeast Asia , As well as the international marketing network system of BRICS countries and some mature markets such as Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and Hong Kong, Taiwan and so on. It continued to maintain the leading position in the export of heavy truck industry in China and topped the list of domestic heavy truck industry for the thirteen consecutive years . China’s heavy truck is out of a suitable international road for its own characteristics. After 17 years of reform and restructuring, CNHTC has grown into a large modern enterprise group with a leading position and certain international competitiveness in China’s heavy truck industry. Enterprises have been awarded the advanced grass-roots party organizations, the national civilized unit, the national advanced unit in the construction of spiritual civilization, China’s brand-name products, China outstanding innovative enterprises, the best integrity of the country’s enterprises, the first batch of quality credit management aa enterprises such as the honorary title. In 2017, CNHTC Scientific Deployment will speed up the conversion of old and new kinetic energy and realize the three grand projects of re-development of CNHTC. The Company will make strategic strategic layout in the existing industrial upgrading and development, new kinetic energy industrial development and overseas industrial development. CNHTC will be built into an irreplaceable and internationally renowned commercial vehicle enterprise group in China, gradually building itself into a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness

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